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Axiom Water Technologies Pty Ltd is a specialist Integrated Water Management consultancy based in Cairns, Tropical North Queensland. We work at the forefront of the water industry, delivering sustainable outcomes for our clients on Australian and international projects, ranging from community level water & sanitation planning through to large industrial projects. The company operates in the technical and participatory development areas of water supply and sanitation delivery. We work closely with communities and our clients to appraise and understand their local situation. We deliver sustainable long term technical, economic, environmental, social and institutional development solutions tailored to our client’s objectives and the local context.

Our services span the water management spectrum and project life-cycle including:

  • Environmental Monitoring and Reporting programs for Surface Water and Ground Water management;
  • Training in surface water sampling and analysis
  • Participatory Rural Appraisal for community-led project planning;
  • Integrated community Water supply Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH) projects including CLTS programs;
  • Water Quality and Yield Assessment for community water supply;
  • Rural Water Supply and Sanitation projects;
  • Local Government support for water quality, environmental and wastewater monitoring.
  • Oil and Gas and Mining support including camp water supply and sanitation designs;

We will provide you with affordable, quality and tailored services to meet your water, sanitation, environmental monitoring and process chemistry needs.

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