Interoil Environment Team Capacity Building

Interoil Limited

Gulf Province – Papua New Guinea

June 2015

Axiom Water Technologies was engaged by Interoil to provide monitoring program design services and field skills training for their environment monitoring team.

Environment Team Capacity Building

The scope of work requested was based on a need to validate the water quality monitoring program, and to consolidate the staff’s field skills and procedures for water quality monitoring around Interoil’s exploration sites in the Gulf Province of PNG.

The project was to provide:

  • Review of the draft water quality monitoring plan to ensure that it was in line with permit requirements and good environmental stewardship requirements.
  • Provide classroom training in theory and practice of collection and management of water samples for environmental monitoring including
    • Preparation of sample bottles and sampling equipment
    • Preparation and management of Chain of Custody (CoC) paperwork
    • Field hygiene requirements
    • Sample collection techniques and
    • Sample packaging and logistics coordination requirements
  • Coordinate and supervise sample collection and dispatch from a variety of locations to complement the theory training
  • Demonstrate and supervise the use of new water quality monitoring instrumentation kits in the field

The training was provided on site in the Gulf Province. This provided the best training environment for the staff. It allowed the evaluation of real scenarios for sample collection, storage and transport that the staff would encounter on a normal day.

Demonstration of the techniques and routines of sample collection and water monitoring in their normal work environment was appreciated by the trainees and was stated to be helpful in their work routines and professional development.

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