Interoil Herd Base Water Treatment Review

Interoil Limited

Gulf Province – Papua New Guinea

March 2014

Provided specialist advice for water treatment and quality at the Herd Base staging camp.

Camp Water Supply Assessment at Herd Base

The scope of work requested by Interoil was to undertake a service inspection of the water treatment systems and monitoring at site.

The purpose of the review was to:

  • Understand the current uncertainty regarding the water quality.
  • Determine if the installed equipment was suitable for the duty required of it.
  • Review the practices in place for monitoring of the microbiological quality of the drinking water.
  • Investigate what systems and documentation were in place for the management of the drinking water systems.
  • Undertake in-situ analysis of the drinking water for pH, Free Chlorine Residual and Conductivity.
  • Develop a list of recommendations and an action plan based on the findings of the assessment.

It was also necessary to account for a proposed camp expansion when considering the adequacy of the treatment and reticulation systems. This review was undertaken while based at the camp. To nderstand how the systems were working and the history of the plant, Axiom staff worked closely with:

  • The site plumber (who manages the water treatment).
  • The camp doctor.
  • The camp manager.
  • Logistics and warehouse support staff.

The result of the assessment was a report providing advice on required improvements to the operation and monitoring of the water treatment. This included:

  • A proposal for improving and expanding the water treatment capability using equipment already on site.
  • Strategies for more consistent monitoring of microbiological and chemical water quality.
  • Training and documentation needs.

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