Interoil (SPI) Environmental Water Quality Assessment

GHD Pty Ltd

Gulf Province of Papua New Guinea

January 2014

Axiom Water Technologies was engaged by GHD to lead the water quality assessment for this major E.I.A.

Environmental Impact Assessment Water Quality Study

Axiom Water Technologies was engaged by GHD to lead the water quality assessment for this major E.I.A. as we had recognised skills and previous experience in this capacity in PNG. The project involved spending 10 days in the Gulf Province, based in oil and gas exploration camps, along with GHD staff who were undertaking other components of the work, staff from Integrated Aquatic Solutions and the Interoil Environment Manager.

Fieldwork was undertaken each day to make in – situ chemical analysis measurements, record location observations and collect samples for laboratory analysis in Port Moresby and Cairns.

A total of 27 locations in the project area were inspected. The sites were selected in consultation with local landowners and Interoil staff. Water samples for laboratory analysis of relevant World Health Organisation (WHO) water quality parameters were collected at thirteen of these sites. The GPS coordinates of all sites were recorded and in – situ analysis was also undertaken at most sites.

Sample collection, storage and transport was coordinated with the Interoil logistics staff at site. This was necessary to coordinate helicopter and fixed – wing transfers, ensuring wherever possible the samples were delivered to the testing laboratories within the required holding time and temperature limits.

Daily field data was shared and collated collaboratively within the project team to enable consolidated reporting. The laboratory analysis results were reviewed and specialist commentary provided by Axiom Water Technologies for inclusion in the assessment report.

All work was successfully and safely undertaken. The assessment report was accepted in full by the PNG Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC).

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