Antelope 3 Camp Water Supply Design

Interoil Limited

Gulf Province – Papua New Guinea

October 2015 to March 2016

Antelope 3 Camp Water Supply Upgrade

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Axiom Water Technologies was engaged by Interoil to provide the design and construction supervision for an updated water treatment and supply system for the Antelope 3 exploration camp.

Interoil had installed a very simple system of water supply to the camp based on initial demand estimates. The system included basic water treatment and storage which was proving to be inadequate both in terms of water quality and capacity.

The existing system operation was found to be manually intensive, unreliable in terms of maintenance and delivery capacity, and potentially put the camp’s fire water reserve supply at risk. A water treatment package plant had been taken to site but remained unused because no-one knew how to install or commission it.

The Services

Axiom was engaged to develop and cost an improved design that incorporated the available equipment but upgraded system’s storage, operability, reliability and safety. The key requirements for the work were:

  • Design of interconnecting pipework to connect the new WTP and leave the functionality of the existing system in place as a backup
  • Design of an automated loss prevention system for the 100KL storage tank (raw water/fire water)
  • Reduce or eliminate reliance on the camp plumber for manual system start/stop operation
  • Improve water availability and delivery so that supply to the Senior Camp and Junior Camp were both meeting demand
  • Sourcing and supply of process control and mechanical components required for the connection and control of the WTP and the 100KL tank storage protection
  • Commissioning of the WTP and verification of its performance
  • The development of supporting documents including process description and checklist for management of the equipment
  • Training of staff in system operation and maintenance

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