Naringel Primary School WaSH Project – Phase 1: Water Supply

Los Negros Local Level Government, Naringel School P&C

Los Negros Island, Manus Province of Papua New Guinea

October 2016 to July 2017

Development of a water supply system and funding application for the Naringel Primary School

School Water Supply

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Axiom was contacted by representatives of the communities on Los Negros Island. They were seeking assistance to improve their water supplies and sanitation access.

Axiom’s Director visited Los Negros Island to learn about the WaSH context and discuss the development priorities with the Elders, community members, and LLG representatives. During the discussions it was decided that the first priority for water and sanitation improvement was the Naringel Primary School. The school has approximately 280 students and 7 teachers.

In discussion with the school Principal, the teachers and members of the P&C, agreement was reached on how to approach the project, focusing on water supply in Phase 1. Because there is a large area of galvanised iron roof at the school, it was decided that rainwater collection and storage would be the main part of the water supply strategy. An unused water bore would be assessed for use as an additional water supply.

Axiom performed a survey of the school facilities with help from community members and teachers to confirm the work required to setup rainwater capture, storage and distribution.  This included measuring the roof areas, determining the repairs and additions of guttering and downpipes required and using GPS marks to map the school layout.

We did calculations to determine the water supply requirements, the potential amount of water that could be captured from the roof area and how much storage was required to supply the water needs of students and staff. Then we designed and documented the water capture and supply system, developed a list of materials, obtained quotes and built a cost estimate for the construction of the system using local labour. The project implementation phase will include construction skills transfer and WaSH capacity building activities.

In collaboration with the LLG, Axiom wrote the project proposal and funding application for submission to the Department of National Planning and Monitoring (DNPM) by the LLG. This application was submitted to the DNPM in July 2017 and we are currently awaiting the outcome of their review.

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