Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment Specialist

Asian Development Bank

Pacific Island Nations

March 2021 ongoing

Providing at-call water management support to the Governments and State-Owned Enterprises of Pacific Island Nations.

Water Quality Monitoring – Asian Development Bank

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) engaged Axiom’s Director as a Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment Specialist consultant to provide advice to agencies in the Pacific. The objective of the capacity building assignment is to improve government-level processes and knowledge for water quality management in Pacific Island countries. This service is offered by the ADB at no cost to beneficiaries.

Requests for support were invited from but not limited to:

  • Government Departments and Ministries responsible for Water & Wastewater treatment and supply services
  • Government Departments and Ministries of Environment or Natural Resources interested in environmental water quality
  • SOE Water and Wastewater Utilities
  • Project Management Units seeking independent water quality monitoring advice
  • Government / SOE operated water testing laboratories
  • Water and Wastewater related peak bodies
  • Other Government portfolios with an interest in water quality, wastewater management or water pollution

Services delivered included:

  • Training for sanitary inspection of rainwater systems in FSM for the Chuuk Public Utility Corporation.
  • Capacity analysis, selection and procurement of water testing apparatus, and training for water technicians in Chuuk.
  • Design and specification of Sodium Hypochlorite dosing and monitoring systems for the Vanuatu Department of Water Resources.
  • Water quality monitoring planning advice for the Vanuatu DoWR.
  • Various technical assistance activities for the Water Authority of Fiji.
  • Assistance to other ADB projects.

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