Rural Water Supply

Please talk to us about your water supply needs if you are in a remote or regional area. We work with communities, individual property owners, natural resources projects or Government to provide customised, sustainable water supply solutions.

Tailored Designs

We consult closely with our clients to assess the water quality and flow rate requirements for each situation. We specify water supply systems suited to each client’s context and using appropriate techniques and materials for their context. Our full system designs include water source assessment, determining storage and treatment needs, and water supply pipeline designs. We then produce a Bill of Materials (BoM) , design drawings and other documents required to specify and price the materials and installation. We can also supervise installation and provide training as required.

Reliability and Low Operating Cost

It is critical that reliability and lifetime ownership costs are considered carefully when implementing water systems. Where possible we design our systems to use gravity to move the water. For remote installations where fuel cost and availability are a concern we prefer to recommend pumps powered by renewable energy sources.Where pumping is required, we evaluate the various options available including petrol/diesel pumps, 240VAC electric pumps, solar, water and wind-powered pumps to select the option that best serves the client’s situation.

Glockemann Water Pumps

If there is a suitable flowing water source available, we collaborate with Glockemann Water Pumps Pty Ltd to provide “energy free” pumping from flowing water sources. These Australian made pumps use the energy of the flowing water to pump the water from the stream.

These pumps only require between 0.6 and 1.8m of inlet head to pump from 100 to 1000 litres per hour against a maximum of 200 metres of total head. With few moving parts, robust construction and service life of more than 20 years, these pumps are a great option for remote and rural locations. See the Glockemann Water Pumps Pty Ltd website for more details or contact us for more information.


Village Level Operation and Maintenance (VLOM) Pumps

In very poor rural situations, the installation of a simple hand pump on a well, bore or stream can improve household access to clean water, particularly for children and the elderly. Axiom has designs for VLOM pumps built from standard PVC pressure pipe and a few simple hardware items. These pumps can be built and maintained by individual households to facilitate improved access to safer water supplies when combined with protecting an open well. We provide training in the construction and maintenance of these pumps and can help establish village level enterprises to make and sell them to communities.



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